Making all bank payments simple and interoperable.

GHQR is Ghana’s national Quick Response (QR) camera scan & pay service available on smartphone applications of all licensed commercial banks and financial technology providers. Customers that use these apps can simply scan a GHQR code to pay an associated business or person.

Absolutely FREE to set-up. Start Now.

Generate your GHQR by linking it to your bank account. You can also link it to any mobile money wallet.

Display in your shop or add to any invoice.

Print your own GHQR and display it however you like in your shop. You can also attach it to your invoices or show it whenever you have to be paid.

Payment like magic!!

It’s that simple. Let your customers or friends scan it to pay you instantly.

Easy to manage.

Managing GHQR with is so easy. Just login, update your linked bank account or re-print your GHQR anytime.
Amount to receiveFee
0.01 to 1.000.01
1.01 to 50.000.05
50.01 to 1,000.001%
1,000.01 and above10

Simple & transparent fees.

All payments you receive shall be credited immediately to your linked bank account less the transaction fees shown here. Eg. If someone pays you GHS 50, the service will immediately credit GHS 50 - 0.05 = GHS 49.95 to your bank account or wallet.