Terms of service

By using this Service you agree to be bound by these the General Terms of Service and all other terms and policies applicable to each Service associated with this Service including but not limited to the GHQR service as powered by the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems. If you are using the Service on behalf of a business or entity, you acknowledge and agree that you have authority to bind such business or entity and that such business or entity accepts these terms.
You agree to abide by all terms of services of Hubtel Limited as outlined at www.hubtel.com/legal. Hubtel Limited is licensed as an Enhanced Payment Service Provider by the Bank of Ghana.
You represent and warrant that you own the mobile phone number that you register with and all information entered or collected in the course of creating your GHQR and any information you subsequently add or update is true and accurate.
You agree that any fund settlement to any mobile money wallet that you link to your GHQR is subject to the terms of service and transaction limitations of the mobile money wallet provider. And that any transaction exceeding the limit of your mobile money wallet shall be settled into a temporary virtual wallet on Hubtel corresponding to the mobile phone number of your account on myGHQR.com
You agree that any payment you receive via this Service will be immediately stored in your virtual wallet on this Service before a transfer is immediately initiated to your linked bank account or mobile money wallet. You therefore agree that should the transfer to your linked bank account or mobile money wallet fail, you may login to your account at www.hubtel.com and initiate the transfer yourself.
You agree that all payments you receive shall be credited immediately to your linked bank account less the transaction fees published on this website. Such that, for example, if someone pays you GHS 50, the service will immediately calculate the amount to credit as GHS 50 (the amount paid) minus 0.05 (the corresponding fee of this amount) to be equal to GHS 49.95 which shall be immediately credited to your bank account or wallet.
You agree that you can obtain information about your transaction history by logging in with your myGHQR mobile number at www.hubtel.com.
You agree that in case of any issue or errors or questions about your account, you may call us at 0307008000 or email us at [email protected]. Please note that employees of Hubtel will never ask you for your One Time Password or Security PINs.
We reserve the right to change the fees associated with the use of myGHQR by providing a 7-day notice on this portal or by communication to you via SMS.